Everything you need to know about having a tooth extraction at Precision OMS in Geelong.

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Do you need a tooth extraction?

The indications for tooth removal are multiple with carious compromise and dental tissue fracture and restorative failure the common ones. Your referring dentist or specialist usually provides the context of your need for teeth removal. Our 3D imaging may confirm the issues and if a concern arises your surgeon will speak directly with your referrer before undertaking any extraction. 

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Tooth extraction FAQs

These are some of the common questions we get asked about teeth extractions.

While it does depend on the individual circumstances of your procedure, your pain shouldn’t exceed the threshold of ‘mildly uncomfortable’.

Simple extractions rarely involve more recovery time than the day of the procedure. However, more complex cases may require up to a week to settle most issues.

Wisdom teeth removal is another common oral surgical procedure. For more information on wisdom teeth, see our Wisdom teeth removal page for a detailed explanation of the wisdom procedure at Precision OMS.

Mention the words ‘tooth’ and ‘extraction’ in the same sentence to someone and you’ll likely see their face fill with fear. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Precision OMS, our aim is to make your teeth extraction surgery as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Teeth extractions are a fairly common fact of life. Whether you have impacted wisdom teeth, an infected molar or a crowded jaw, tooth or teeth extraction can be a necessary surgical solution – and it’s one that’s performed at our Geelong practice by professional Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Our specialists take a patient-centred approach to your tooth removal, focusing on minimising stress and ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the process. Because everyone is unique, our experts create a customised plan for your treatment that takes you from your initial consultation right through to post-surgery care. 

Talk to us today about moving this important procedure to the top of your to-do list. After all, we’re here to keep the smile on your face. 

What is a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction involves the safe removal of fully intact or damaged teeth from your jaw. 

When extracting infected teeth, our ultimate goal is to clear the infection from the tooth and the surrounding areas, including the gums and the bone around the tooth. In doing so, we can address aches and pains around the jaw and face, reduce stress, sleep deprivation and other issues associated with acute and chronic pain.

For orthodontic treatments, removing tooth structure can mean your top and bottom sets of teeth, known as the dental arches, may become better coordinated with orthodontic guidance. 

Removing supernumerary (excess) or impacted teeth that aren’t functional can also reduce pain, allow coordinated tooth movement and improve your dental aesthetics.

Key benefits of tooth extraction surgery

As well as helping to eliminate dental pain and improve your appearance, teeth extractions can help you in a number of ways. These are some of the key benefits that our patients receive from having a tooth or teeth removed:

  • A future-proofed smile: We remove compromised dental tissue that may cause pain or issues later down the track. We work with your dentist and related specialists to ensure the extraction is the ideal path forward prior to the treatment.
  • Increased comfort: Extractions can create space for orthodontic tooth movement, ensuring your teeth and jaw sit comfortably. We undertake this in collaboration with your orthodontist.

What are the services and treatment types involved with a tooth extraction?

No matter your age or the reason for your visit to Precision OMS, our specialists can provide you with a solution for your teeth removal. We can book in an appointment for a consultation regarding a planned tooth extraction or, if your issue is urgent, we can provide an immediate consultation and tooth extraction in a single visit.

We also provide the following additional requested services as part of our teeth extraction procedures:

  • Bonding an intruded tooth that is exposed for guided extrusion into position (when requested).
  • Evaluating the impact of tooth removal on your facial aesthetic and function. Undertaking considered primary socket grafting to optimise replacement options following tooth removal.
  • Providing intravenous sedation for people who are anxious about oral surgical procedures. Our anaesthetic team is available at Precision OMS on Thursdays. 

Technology solutions available at Precision OMS Geelong

We’re passionate about ensuring our patients have access to the very latest in imaging technology. 

As part of your assessment, we use state-of-the-art imaging at our offices in Geelong to illustrate your requirements and identify any potential issues or complexities, such as tooth morphology or vulnerable anatomy.

Our assessment tools range from simple imaging options, such as an OPG (orthopantomogram) plain x-ray to identify the issue with a problem tooth, right up to full-facial skeletal cone-beam CT imaging for complex 3D radiologic facial assessments. 

The use of any imaging technology is built into the consultation and assessment cost.

How tooth extraction procedures work at Precision OMS’s Geelong clinic

Tooth extractions at Precision OMS should be a straightforward process, with your wellbeing being the priority at all times. From your initial consultation at our Geelong offices to the post-procedure follow-up, there are generally six steps involved:

Once you have booked in an appointment or been referred, our administration team begins the information-gathering process.

In the initial consultation at our Geelong practice, you’ll meet with your surgeon. At this meeting, we’ll discuss your previous or current dental and medical care, including any existing conditions or medications you might be taking.

During your consultation, we’ll perform a clinical assessment and utilise the appropriate imaging tool for your teeth. This helps our specialists to understand the complexity of the issue and, if needed, identify alternative treatments.

If your procedure is not taking place immediately, we’ll organise a treatment format with either intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic options available, including dates and costs.

Your Precision OMS team performs the procedure. We’ll also provide a tailored set of post-operative instructions to optimise your healing.

After your procedure, you may have a follow-up appointment for a clinical review of your healing sites.

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