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Do you need dental implants?

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Dental implants FAQs

These are some of the common questions we get asked about implants and fixing missing teeth.

In almost all circumstances there is an implant-borne solution to your missing tooth problem. The list of options will be outlined during your consultation when we investigate your issues using 3D imaging and, if appropriate, develop a treatment plan. 

We’ll take your specific needs into account at this time, including whether you have dentures or missing teeth, are after an immediate or delayed replacement and whether a fixed or removable solution is the best option for you.

Depending on your policy, private health insurance may cover a significant component of the costs of dental implants. You may also decide to access a portion of your superannuation early through our SuperCare partners or consider a third-party funding option at your convenience.

To help make payments as stress-free as possible, the total cost of your treatment for implants can be spread over three to nine months, depending on the phases of care required and your specific financial needs.

There is no universal time frame for how long your implants will last. This is determined by your biologic response to the implant and crown which is strongly related to your oral hygiene. Ensuring you continue to see your dentist or oral hygiene specialist for ongoing maintenance should prolong your implants with no end in sight. They are mechanically made to last longer than the rest of you!

Good oral hygiene is crucial for preserving your implants. We recommend you brush and floss your teeth and gums thoroughly twice a day and maintain a regular maintenance relationship with your restoring dental practitioner. 

As Geelong’s leading clinic for dental implants, Precision OMS prides itself on delivering a quality outcome that will keep the smile on your face for years to come.

Finding out that you need dental implants can be a daunting prospect, which is why we’re here to help.

Whether you need all of your teeth replaced or a single tooth fixed, an immediate result or a longer-term solution, you want an experienced surgeon who can provide you with the right implant and treatment for your specific needs.

The team at Precision OMS will explain your options and walk you through every step of the procedure, so you can be confident that you – and your teeth – are in safe hands.

What are dental implants?

Whether due to missing teeth, bone deficiency, a dead tooth or any number of other reasons, a dental problem can impact on your ability to eat and can even affect how you look. Dental implants – the fixture that is set into your jaw before an artificial tooth or crown is attached – can help by filling the ‘gap’ of the missing tooth or can be part of a prosthesis replacing multiple teeth.

Key benefits of implants

Choosing to get dental implants is a decision that helps thousands of Australians every year become more confident, while also giving them the ability to eat and chew with ease. In short, everything you’d expect from real teeth.

When we asked our patients to describe some of the biggest benefits of getting implants at Precision OMS, this is what they told us:

  • The ideal solution: Whether they are used for missing or compromised teeth, dental implants improve your ability to eat and boost the general appearance of your face – putting your smile back where it belongs.
  • Perfect for patients with dentures: If you have been without your own teeth for many years and your dentures are no longer wearable, dental implants are a minimalist treatment option that can vastly improve your ability to eat. They also give you back your personal confidence and improving your overall quality of life.
  • Help is at hand: No matter what limitations you may have been told in the past, implants can now be placed in multiple locations as a fixed tooth replacement using your current bone. When your removable denture is not giving you the comfort and confidence you need, this can be a blessing.
  • Everything is made clear: At Precision OMS, patients are fully assessed at consultation. This includes immediate 3D conebeam CT imaging right there in the office. In under two minutes a digital version of your teeth and jaws is available for your consideration. We discuss your particular dental needs, explain the required treatment and what it will involve and detail the specific costs. This gives you a comprehensive plan so you know exactly what is happening, why it’s happening and what the end result will be.

Common teeth and bone problems and surgical solutions

For many issues – from long-term tooth decay to an accident that results in a missing tooth – the simplest solution may be for the effected tooth (or teeth) to be extracted and an implant placed during the same procedure. Then, once the bone has grown around the implant, the patient will have an artificial tooth or crown fitted, usually by your regular dentist.

Other problems may occur as a result of a bone deficiency. In these cases, there are multiple solutions at hand. We can either use the existing bone with implant alternatives or augment the available bone for a delayed implant fixture placement. 

The grafting of your own bone as a separate procedure is now an uncommon practice. The use of synthetic or donated graft materials will be discussed to ensure we use the material you feel comfortable using.

What are the dental services and treatment types involved?

A typical implant placement procedure is usually very simple. The site is prepared by removing the tooth (if present) and then optimising the bone and gum tissue to allow the dental implant to be placed. Finally, we aim to optimise the bone growth around the implant using available grafting materials to either help hold it in place or to control the natural shape of the gums for your ultimate replacement tooth.

We know that our patients don’t want to have to endure multiple rounds of treatment just to get the teeth they deserve so, we use digital and physical guidance options as stents to ensure the implant is placed in the optimal position for the most restoratively ideal results. Some of the cutting-edge technology we use includes:

  • 3D cone-beam technology with planning software, which is used to illustrate and confirm your ideal treatment plan.
  • X-Guide ‘live navigation’ to optimise the placement of dental implants and to ensure greater precision at the time of placement. 
  • Intra-oral digital scanning to avoid the discomfort of regular impressions.
  • Splint-guide construction to ensure the optimal placement of multiple implants is utilised in some situations.

How dental implants work at Precision OMS’s Geelong clinic

Dental implant surgery at Precision OMS is a straightforward six-step process:

We discuss your dental problem, your needs and any specific treatment requests.

We use plain and 3D imaging to assess your issue, from either forwarded scans or those taken in the office during your consultation.

An experienced Precision OMS surgeon will immediately create a realistic digital treatment plan for your implants. When discussing this with you, we’ll illustrate our plan using images placed in front of you so you can see directly what needs to occur.

For most plans, we can provide a detailed quote for the cost of your implants and organise the timing of your surgery at your consultation.

Your implants are placed using 3D imaging at our rooms. We utilise local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation as procedural formats available on a weekly basis. If you need a general anaesthetic for the placement of your implants, this will be determined at your first meeting – usually a patient requests this specifically for comfort. Most implant placement procedures are less involved than a tooth removal.

We confirm the biologic response and the implant’s fitness for crown placement with torque testing or uncovering procedures in our rooms. This may include final 3D scanning before you begin your restorative care with your preferred provider.

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